The Bow of The Dragonslayer


Legends tell of a great warrior who dwelt among the dragons and learned their greatest weakness, which he inscribed upon this bow in letters only a true wielder of the bow can read. There have been many warriors to wield this bow, with the final being Brutus the Brave, within whose tomb the bow was kept for many centuries.

Buried with it in the tomb is rumoured to be a quiver of 24 Dragonscale Arrows…

Current Wielder: Murki


The Bow’s Stats

Longbow: 1d8
Shortbow: 1d6

1d… + 1 (Standard Arrows)

1d… + 25, + 1d4 Scales (Standard Arrows against Dragons)

1d… + 2, + 1d4 Scales (Dragonscale Arrow against a Non-Dragon)

5d10 + 25, + 2d10 Scales (Dragonscale Arrows against Dragons)

The Bow of The Dragonslayer

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