The World As It Is Known

Escape from Moloch, Arrive in Miton

The adventurers have left the battle of North Crescent Bay only to become lost in impenetrable fog. By chance, they meet Tirbba and set course for Miton together.

In this adventure…

Through the Fog and Ice


Meting Tirbba and Fikrin

Warding Off the Dragonrider

Learning About The Book…

Finding Port, “Anciliari”

Learning From the Locals, Thraalna Finds You


Explanation of The Archon Keys

“Adventures In Commerce and Thievery”


The Old Mitonian Temple, Infested With Dragonspawn


The Great White Dragon, The Chilling Ice

Tome Gnome

Tome Gnome’s Tome


Played on December the Thirteenth, 2015 in Silverlake, California



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